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Angela's Btching
Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Mood:  irritated

OK, Angelabtch is P^ssed at that Lori Drew skank - imagine a "grown-up" bullyiing a little girl to death!?!?

You know, we all have our little web "disagreements", but fair is fair among peers.  It is very different when an adult sets out to psychologically manipulate a child, gain control, and tell the child to kill herself, well, lets just say Angelabtch feels at her btch-iest.

For those of you who haven't read about this (cuz ur prolly still uzn a dial-up - luser) here is the story.

A over-the-hill sexually frustrated woman named Lori Drew (her batteries died and hubby Curt can't get it up for anybody that skanky) decided to get into the middle of her thirteen year old daughters social life. (There is no evidence to support a rumor that Lori and Curt were involved in their daughter's sex life - so don't start one).

Seems her "little darling" had a cat fight with the little girl down the street.  Big whup.  But did "mommy dearest" tell her daughter to act nice and make up with her former friend?  No, mommy dearest hatched a plot.  "Adult Mom" Lori Drew created a fake myspace account as a 16 year old pre-hunk named "Josh", complete with picture.  Lori Drew, using skills she might have developed while working as a $2 a trick truck stop hooker, with the help of her possibly impotent husband Curt Drew, who might have entertained pedophilic fantasies about his daughter and her former friend, set about seducing this littel girl into falling in love with the fictional character "Josh".  In fact, this became the household entertainment at the Drew Household when they were not at their family business, DREW ADVANTAGE, O'Fallon Mo.,.  Not only did the putrid parents, Curt and Lori Drew, twist this poor child's heart around their little fingers, they encouraged their children, and other people's children. to participate in the "fun".  But this kind of fun only lasts so long, and the little girl's upcoming 14th birthday seems to have provided the trigger for delivering the final, deadly, blow to a defenseless, trusting child.  They sent an absolutely brutal message to her from her first love, the fictional Josh, telling her to have a shitty life, and suggesting she should kill herself. TWENTY MINUTES LATER, HER PARENTS FOUND HER DEAD, HANGED IN HER CLOSET WITH A BELT.

For those of you who live in Mo., or travel to Mo., or who know the Drews, or who do business with the Drew Advantage, Angelabtch reminds you that it is always important to conduct one's life in a thoughtful and deliberate manner, and to always DO THE RIGHT THING in every situation.  No person shold ever do anything which is wrong or unjust in their understanding of such things.

For those who wish to understand more about these events, you may wish to ask the source instead of simply making a judgement based on media reports or rumors.  I always believe in allowing people to explain themselves.  Perhaps there is a journalist among my gentle readers who could look into this further?  Perhaps this will help you get started:

Lori Drew and Curt Drew
269 Waterford Crystal Drive
O'Fallon, Missouri 63368-7130

Telephone: (636) 272-2670


Lori Drew,
2977 Hwy. K #200,
O'Fallon, MO 63368
Tel# (314) 520-7916
Fax# (636) 978-2670


Why are't the Drews being prosecuted? Curt and Lori Drew live on "Waterford Crystal Drive", in O'Fallon, Mo. - doesn't that kind of say it all?  Have you ever seen an address that screamed "White Trash with (a little) money (and a lot of debt)" any louder?  One also wonders if Lori used to "do" the local mayor or something.  Or maybe Curt likes to do the mayor?  Just musing. The only person facing charges out of this is the victim's father - for driving his truck on the Drew's front lawn.  


Now Angelabtch knows that this is a little meager in the retribution department, but Curt and Lori Drew, Skanks from Hell, had stored a Christmas PRESENT FOR THE DREW SPAWN, at the HOME OF THEIR VICTIM.  The victim's parents destroyed the present (a foosball table), spray painted "Merry Christmas" on it, and left it in the Drew's driveway.  So these slime murdered the little girl of the people they asked to store a Christmas present for them!!!!!!

Why Angelabtch hasn't mentioned the victim's name

Out of respect, mostly.  Although they published everything about the victim short of the color of her training bra, out of some sort of bizarre Mo. ethos of protecting the perp, the papers chose not to publish the fact that the people who hounded this child to death were Curt and Lori Drew of Waterford Crystal Drive, O'Fallon, Mo. citing a desire to protect THEIR young daughter (one of the perps herself, although less culpable, because like the victim, she is a child!).  Anyway, Angelabtch thought it was more appropriate to protect the victim than the perp.  I know that's perverse, strange, and not up to Mo.'s "high standards".


One Last Thing...

Hey Lori and Curt,

To quote Josh, "Everybody in O'Fallon knows how you are..have a shitty life...the world would be better off without you."


Posted by angelabtch at 9:10 PM
Updated: Friday, 23 November 2007 6:36 PM
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Sunday, 4 November 2007
The Web is so predictable!!!!
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Avril Lavigne

It is simply amazing how predictable ppl on the web r.

Just to see what would happen, I started off this blog with a bunch of stuff you nitwits look for, and IT WORKED.

BTW, I will be sending emails to your mothers to let them know what search terms brought you to this web site.  I am particularly concerned by the one which searched on "fisting mary poppins".  Please Dude, have some respect.

As you have all sadly realized, this site doesn't contain anything remotely suggestive or inappropriate, and likely never will.  It will, from time to time, contain things which are thought provoking.  So be careful - we might harsh your mellow.

So, pull your panties out of the creases, fasten your seat belts, and sit back, because angelabtch is ready to rock.


Posted by angelabtch at 10:34 PM
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Saturday, 20 October 2007
Random Thoughts
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: Born to be Wild

Just for fun I thought I'd start off this blog with a bunch of randomness.  Maybe that way someone will end up here and actually read something.  None of this has anything to do with anything, they are just  R A N D O M   T H O U G H T S !!!



Todays Random Thoughts are:




Does anyone like "aNGELA J" <> ?









trout fishing







The President of Botswana? 

 Seismic Events on the moon




Posted by angelabtch at 11:20 PM
Updated: Friday, 23 November 2007 6:58 PM
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